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The strength of GNEM depends on the collaboration with EM healthcare leaders from developing and developed countries. Each country chapter will have the task to propose leaders to be members of GNEM academies. These members are any healthcare providers (doctors, residents, nurses, paramedics, students, administrators) who are interested to join GNEM activities and promote EM at the global level. Members can be active in any GNEM Academy of their choice. GNEM Chapters are free to organize their own activities following the vision and missions of GNEM. They will be actively involved in the organization of scientific events in their country and the ECC/GNEM Conference. They will also be involved in all GNEM projects including research in EM. An important task for GNEM members will be to submit and publish preferentially as possible in the GNEM scientific journal partner, Journal of Clinical Medicine.
GNEM has already a Facebook page and will share information in all important social media and a website. GNEM chapters can seek any support from the GNEM Executive Board. Once a year at the Critical Care and Global Emergency Medicine Conference in Dubai, GNEM Chapter Country President will present their annual review of their activities.
The principal scientific activity of GNEM is the organization of the Dubai ECC/GNEM Conference and all over the world. The concept is to collaborate with scientific societies in developing countries to organize GNEM Conferences. GNEM Chapters will lead the organization of congresses in collaboration with the GNEM Executive Board and GNEM Chapters. Beside this yearly activity GNEM will implement webinars, innovative online and onsite educative programmes, roundtables, and media activities.
GNEM will be affiliated to the Journal of Clinical Medicine, IF5 and Q1 journal. The role of the journal will be to support GNEM and vice versa.
Board members will be actively involved in developing multicentric research projects.

Most Recent GNEM Members Publications

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